Sunday, June 8, 2008

Celtic Comfort Food

'Rumbledethumps' is a traditional celtic comfort meal typically consisting of boiled potatoes, butter, milk, and seasoning; these ingredients are then mixed in with boiled cabbage and chives and grilled with a cheddar cheese topping. Irish Colcannon is a slightly different version of this recipe using parsnips and leeks with the mashed potatoes, milk and seasoning. It does not have a melted cheese topping but is garnished with parsley. Another cozy variation of this dish, known as ‘Bubble and Squeak’ in England, is typically made of leftovers from a weekly Sunday roast with potatoes, brussel sprouts, and seasoning all fried up and served for Monday’s breakfast or a light lunch. Bacon bits or small morsels of beef can be added along with chopped chives or spring onion for variation.

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